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beanz magazine

beanz magazine is a bi-monthly online and print magazine about learning to code, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. I am a staff writer and focus on space science and physics, with an occasional article about dinosaurs.

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When I write for Highlights I focus on science mysteries. How did scientists figure out that bats use sonar? What happens when you grow seeds in space? How can you use the power of a merry-go-round? These are the questions that intrigue scientists and readers.


Touch the Earth

Produced and Published by NASA (2009)

​Designed by Elissa Levine, Written by Amy S. Hansen

Touch the Earth — go ahead, touch it. The tactile maps are there so you can find the stripe of boreal forest in the north and gauge the size of the African Sahara Desert. Now listen to descriptions of the biomes — the forests, the deserts, the grasslands — all of the pieces that together make our tangible and living Earth.

Touch the Earth is a multi-media book. It was designed for blind and visually impaired students, as well as for deaf and hard of hearing students. But it will be useful to anyone who enjoys getting information in several dynamic formats. With many interesting facts and hundreds of images, Touch the Earth meets the national science standards in a new and exciting way.

NASA and National Federation of the Blind, 2010
Ages 10 and up
ISBN 978-0-615-27820-9

Christmas Cards

Wild Grace! (2005)

Christmas Cards” was written by Amy S. Hansen and the children of Greenbelt Community Church and first presented in 2005. I worked with the children to develop the ideas of character and dramatic conflict and then used their ideas and the Bible to write skits we called Christmas Cards. Publisher Wild Grace! says, “Hansen’s dialogue is fresh and sparkling with life.”

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